Pangs (w​/​ENDR)

by Hübris



Collaboration with ENDR


Lay awake, eyes wide, five in the morning
Grave mistake, deep inside, bottle pop forming
6am finally the alarm sings
Sick I am, mentally; pawn takes king
Tear my body out of bed, and convince myself
That years ago what I did was someone else
Outside in the cold, I wait for the bus
Climb inside, sit down, alone with my thoughts
Ready to work ignore the hurt and flirt with Shirley - good distraction
But it's not long before my conscience comes back asking
Do you remember what the fuck you did?
Do you feel too guilty to have that kid?
It doesn't have to be another day in the life
You could sit her down and you tell her tonight
You could admit to that shit you did,
Good hermit, bottle up, Insist on distance instead
It started with cathartic compartments of hardened apathy,
And parted waves in oceans I didn't know were contained in me,
Drained the remainder of traits I painted with strangers
And ate the ages of amber that I'd upgraded to standards.
It's scant but it's amped up, cramped and clamped to my cup,
I'm camped on couches in houses that need a mountain of love.
I'm sittin' spoutin' my mouth, slouched, announcing my doubts,
And found I failed to account for facts I figured profound.
Bound to bottles and bruised by abandoned handles of booze,
I've had my hand in the juice while I pandered pain to the blues.
So man I cut that shit loose, vamoosed the vermouth,
Ran the numbers again, bent 'em, ended up still confused
See, I said it'd never take precedent over,
The efforts I gave to abstain from the odor,
But nevertheless I'm in over my head
And I've settled for less than I ever would sober
I'm out of defenses and cannot repent it's
A cloud that endows me and makes me acquit
Too proud to escape this degraded enslavement,
Back to the basics I'm hugging the pavement


released November 25, 2016
Written By: Cory Huber and Matt Steele
Produced By:
Mixed By: Eric Trude
Photo: Cory Huber



all rights reserved


Hübris Alberta

Canadian Rapper, and Engineer. Love, Sex, Space Exploration, and occasional rage. Always looking to make something you've never heard before.

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