Def Hübris

by Hübris



A collaboration between Def Mantis and Hübris


released December 19, 2016

Def Mantis
Akia Da Great



all rights reserved


Hübris Alberta

Canadian Rapper, and Engineer. Love, Sex, Space Exploration, and occasional rage. Always looking to make something you've never heard before.

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Track Name: Speak Clearly
Colloquial speech impediment sediments the medicine
of ignorance persistent in the pressuring of underlings
meandering methods of thinking while keeping the unthinking
caught in the grasp of gossip sold as news
betrayed are the masses for the passage of time
Spent unknowing of the methods of disguising their crimes
Through chicanery slavery’s pictured tasty and savory
key to vagary is simply booze and gadgetry

Was that confusing? let me say it again
If they’re talking to you and you don’t understand
Or you resent the information’s being clouded by trend
You’re not stupid, it’s just the time that they spend
producing flashy graphics aimed at desperate demographics
Accuracy of facts replaced with propagandic practice

This is our message to the wordsmiths in news:
Fuck You

Speak Clearly
Be heard
Speak Clearly
Be heard
Speak Clearly
Be heard
Speak Clearly
Be heard

Let me give you an example from a genius in a coffin
I bleed with sorrow for the loss of George Carlin
linguist and observer that tried to explain
An idea I must labor to echo again
Shell shock, two words, punchy, moving
Sound like it might ruin the life of a human
Has the power to convey condition
So they had to muddy up the description
Battle fatigue, still said with ease but it’s longer
Describes one who longs for a rest with some water
What came next was Operational exhaustion
Sounds like it could happen to your car’s exhaust system
Weak language to confuse and distract
From the soldier with shell shock from being attacked
So think about it when you hear a reporter
Describe combat personnel with post-traumatic stress disorder

Speak Clearly
Be heard
Speak Clearly
Be heard
Speak Clearly
Be heard
Speak Clearly
Be heard
Track Name: Lunacy (Prod. Def Mantis)
Imagine yourself,
All dressed up from your head to your feet
A polyester jester adding heat to the meat
Trapped in a dungeon of alarms and bells
Minimum wage personnel in your personal hell

That's how I felt flipping burgers at Wendy's
I was 17, unskilled, but the work was steady
I had a girlfriend at the time, and she was more than ready
To accept me for who I was, and I'll never forget it.

This how I looked, Teenage fry cook
Hairnet, beard net, fast food, Facebook
shift after shift gray matter all stagnant
always taking shit from lower middle management

I remember the time the oil burned me
changed my whole life pain brought clarity
Nothing matches the rush that you get
When you look them in the eye and say I quit.

That week I changed around all my classes
Applied myself and rocketed past passing
school was hard, so I had to make space
Had to break up with art, let science take its place

I left my heart behind
my brain gets paid, my soul goes blind
I left my heart behind
There's a man in the mirror but who am I?

Who am I?

Standing on a balcony, way up high
counting every single second til you make the big dive, or
Maybe just remember the moment you gave up
on everything that's concrete for something you love

That's how I feel a just a decade hence
A wicker spirit with a picket fence
gone are the days of rollicking riff raff
I forgot how good it feels to laugh

This is how I look now, fire all doused out
outside big smile, inside sad frown
Day after day, gray matter gets depleted
the man in the mirror looks defeated

I remember the fire that I once had
tell me please heart, how do I get it back
but I know it ain't over yet
i know it ain't over yet...

Listen how the pendulum swings
pausing at one side and back again
It's too late to turn around
just close your eyes and enjoy the sound

How far do I need to go
To find myself to save my soul
What I what I find isn't worth saving
how Can I find myself if I keep changing